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1969 Dan Gurney Spoiler SCJ

As some of you know, back in July of 2010 Katrina and I were lucky enough to locate a 1969 Dan Gurney Spoiler SCJ 4-speed car with 4.30 gears and black bucket seat interior. I had been looking for a big block Gurney for years and never found one. There were only 5 Gurney SCJ […]

What are you working on? Sven Busch

I always enjoy seeing the cars our Team Members pick up and begin working on as projects. It is especially interesting when the cars are not located in US!. I recently received an email from Team Member Sven Busch regarding his recent acquisition. He lives in Bavaria and speaks German. He has some fluency in […]

Hot Updates

Here are some Hot Updates on what is happening that might interest you! Mike Callahan (owns the black Spoiler II that drove to, ran at, and dove home from Bonneville) notified me that next week he will again be driving the Spoiler II back out to the Salt Flats to try and better his previous […]

What Are You Working On? Richard Fleener

I have often posted stories about what our Team Members are working on in their garages. Usually, it is one of the Aero Cars we all like so much. Other times it is something totally unrelated. In this case, it is not an Aero Car but a related car that has been in my garage […]

Aero Cars Go To Auction at RM Sotheby’s

Ramsey Potts of RM Sotheby’s Auctions recently stopped by our collection to talk Aero Cars. He was very interested in the differences between the Talladega, the Spoiler II and the Spoiler. As most of you know, explaining these difference in a few words is impossible but having all three cars in front of him to […]

What is happening to our Classic Car Hobby?

Every time Ford Aero Car enthusiasts get together the topic of the value of our cars eventually comes up. There are mixed opinions about what the cars should be worth compared to other collector cars especially the MOPAR winged cars. Generally, it seems that everyone agrees they will not sell their prized possession for the […]

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  • Other Registry Cars

    Other Registry Cars

    Obviously, our focus at this web site is the Ford/Mercury Aero Cars from 1969 but we also provide some Registry services for other related 1968/1969 Ford products. These other Registry Cars include the 1969 Pre-Spoiler/Color Code Mercury Cyclone, 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 plus the 1969 Petty Torino. Each of these cars also can brag […]



    JP Sullivan recently sent in some great photos of his Petty Blue Ford Talladega. Although it started life as a Wimbledon White car I think the Petty Blue is one the factory should have made available to all of us! JP says his car is for sale. Although I have never seen this car in […]

  • How Many 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler IIs are Left?

    How Many 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler IIs are Left?

    We previously gave you an update on the Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Registrations for this web site and today we will give you the numbers for the 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II cars. So how many are left? For some reason this group of cars is a little more difficult to calculate because […]

  • Pick a Pair: Talladega and Boss 302 For Sale SOLD

    Pick a Pair: Talladega and Boss 302 For Sale SOLD

    BOSS IS SOLD AND TALLADEGA NO LONGER FOR SALE. Pick a Pair and have an instant collection! Here are two iconic and rare Ford muscle cars for sale; a 1969 Ford Talladega and 1970 Boss 302. These are for sale as a package deal. Brad Stocks owns these two highly desirable and rare Ford classics. […]

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