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50th Anniversary Aero Car Reunion; Part 2

The 50th Anniversary Aero Car Reunion in 2019 was held from October 10th through October 13th. It all began with fast parade laps at the Atlanta Speedway for those wishing to experience that track. Most of the attendees and some additional non-Aero Cars attended. Due to schedule conflicts, we were unable to attend this day […]

50th Anniversary Aero Warrior Reunion; Part One

Katrina and I just returned from the 50th Anniversary Aero Warrior Reunion. I heard several different numbers on how many cars were there and the number was obviously different each day. Some people came to one venue and others for another. There also were cars that broke down on the way and some at the […]

Ford Press Release: New Models for 1969

As we get ready for the 50th Anniversary of the first Aero Wars at Talladega this upcoming weekend, let’s look back at the introduction of the 1969 Ford and Mercury models. When I was a youngster, it was a really big deal when the new cars were announced each year. This would usually occur in […]

50th Anniversary at Talladega

Last weekend we had a little preview right here in TN just a few miles from our home. Please excuse the MOPAR only representation as it was a MOPAR only show. Believe me, we would have had one of our Ford products there if they were allowed. It seems like we have been waiting for […]

More Oldies Stuff, Part 3

Thanks to Alan (Fireball) Miller we have some more Oldies Goodies for you. These magazine articles are from the mid-1980s and mid-90s. Both articles are about the same car that belonged to one of our most respected Team Members, Lou Whitfield. You also should be familiar by now with the car. See if you can […]

Oldies, Part Two

This is Oldies Part Two with more photos from back in the day when the Aero Cars were just old cars. With the 50th Aero Reunion just around the corner at Talladega, these photos really tell a story. How many of you are old enough to remember these cars when they were new? Did anyone […]

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  • Oldies; Part One

    Oldies; Part One

    You all know that we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Aero Cars this year. I have previously asked for some old vintage photos of these cars and have had zero contributions. I have some of mine and some I got from Joe Machado several years ago. These give us a great window into […]

  • 1969 Ford Talladega Video

    1969 Ford Talladega Video

    Videos on the 1969 Ford Talladega are very hard to find. Here is one from 2008. PLEASE do NOT use the Talladega in this video as a restoration guide as to what is correct on a Talladega. When this video was shot it was in driver condition as restored by the previous owner. It was […]

  • Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Video

    Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Video

    In 1969 Ford, Mercury and Dodge began a short-lived aero war on the tracks of NASCAR. Although the war was fought on the race tracks, battles also occurred in the auto dealer showrooms and on the street. Put a Ford guy and a Dodge guy in one location together and the argument will start as […]

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