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1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Spoiler II Fenders

We all know that the 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II fenders started life as regular Cyclone fenders but how much was really used from the original fender? Where was it cut off? What was added? To build the NASCAR minimum of 500 cars was a tall order for Mercury. There were a lot of special […]

What are you working on? Richard Fleener, Part 2

For me, one of weakest links in the Fords of our vintage is the power steering system. At least in my case, leaks from the system are constant and inevitable. I don’t know how many power steering pumps and power rams I have gone through over the years. I will not change out the system […]

JD McDuffie NASCAR Racer

I recently picked up a new paperback book that has just been released by Waldorf Publishing and authored by Brock Beard. The title is “J.D. The Life and Death of a forgotten NASCAR legend“. Although I enjoyed the book immensely (I read all 296 pages in two sittings) I have to take exception to the […]

He did it again at Bonneville! Spoiler II @ 165mph

The great Bonneville Salt Lake Flats were conquered again by one of our Members Spoiler II. Before we tell you about this year’s run we need to refresh your mind and inform those who don’t know about the first run. Approximately 35 years ago, Member and good friend Lou Whitfield built a custom cruiser Spoiler […]

1969 Dan Gurney Spoiler SCJ

As some of you know, back in July of 2010 Katrina and I were lucky enough to locate a 1969 Dan Gurney Spoiler SCJ 4-speed car with 4.30 gears and black bucket seat interior. I had been looking for a big block Gurney for years and never found one. There were only 5 Gurney SCJ […]

What are you working on? Sven Busch

I always enjoy seeing the cars our Team Members pick up and begin working on as projects. It is especially interesting when the cars are not located in US!. I recently received an email from Team Member Sven Busch regarding his recent acquisition. He lives in Bavaria and speaks German. He has some fluency in […]

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  • Aero Cars Go To Auction at RM Sotheby's

    Aero Cars Go To Auction at RM Sotheby’s

    Ramsey Potts of RM Sotheby’s Auctions recently stopped by our collection to talk Aero Cars. He was very interested in the differences between the Talladega, the Spoiler II and the Spoiler. As most of you know, explaining these difference in a few words is impossible but having all three cars in front of him to […]

  • What is happening to our Classic Car Hobby?

    What is happening to our Classic Car Hobby?

    Every time Ford Aero Car enthusiasts get together the topic of the value of our cars eventually comes up. There are mixed opinions about what the cars should be worth compared to other collector cars especially the MOPAR winged cars. Generally, it seems that everyone agrees they will not sell their prized possession for the […]

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