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We Want Your Car Stories

We get the best responses from stories you provide. Our readers really like to hear what other owners have to say and what¬†stories you have to tell.¬†Do you have a special story about your Talladega or Spoiler II? How did you find your pride and joy? Or maybe you have a story about the one […]

Registry Cars

Most of the visitors to this site already have a keen understanding of the specific cars Registered here. However, there are many individuals who are just discovering the rare, desirable and under valued Ford and Mercury Aero Cars. For those individuals we are doing a rerun of an article we previously published at the start […]

NASCAR 1969 Flat Out

If you want to see and hear what 1969 was like at the race track, take a few minutes and watch the video below. This is not the regular race, it is the last race of the season to determine the NASCAR 1969 Championship between David and Richard. Beyond that are all the fantastic action […]


Here is a non-original Talladega I found for sale. This car has not been Registered in our Registry and I have never seen it before. I usually don’t post cars for sale as a post but this one is a little different and I want to hear what you think. One of the major modifications […]

1971 Daytona 500

  By 1971 the Aero Wars that began in 1969 were over. The first showing of the cars was 50 years ago in Daytona with the arrival of the Ford Talladega and Dodge Charger 500. The battle grew wilder and wilder all year with the addition of the Ford Boss 429 engine and the Mercury […]

Front Suspension

Chris Vick sent us some more photos of his Spoiler II restoration. These close up photos of the front suspension on Chris’ Cyclone demonstrate his dedication to detail. Chris wants to point out that all of these natural metal suspension parts are bare metal and not painted, they are all natural finish just like the […]

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  • 1969 Atlanta 500

    1969 Atlanta 500

    If you were not there in 1969 all our NASCAR Aero Car racing was not on TV from flag to flag. We had Wide World of Sports! When we got flag to flag coverage for the first time you couldn’t drag me away from the TV. How things have changed. Now, it seems we have […]

  • The Ford Talladega Returns!

    The Ford Talladega Returns!

        This is a very big announcement. We have the scoop no one else has. Because of our dedication to the 1969 Ford Talladega and Mercury Spoiler II Registry Ford granted us special permission to make this announcement before anyone else. On April 17, 1964 Ford first showed the new Mustang at the Worlds […]

  • 50th Anniversary Photos

    50th Anniversary Photos

    Several weeks ago I asked for reader contributions of photos and stories about cars from the 1969 time period. The response has been totally absent of any contributions. I can’t be the .only one with old photos and stories. I am putting up a couple of photos from my archives in hope they will stimulate […]

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