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What do the number Condition ratings mean?

We often mention cars in #1 condition or #2 condition. In our Registration forms and on our Cars for Sale and Sold Prices page we always use these ratings. So what do they mean? I assume most of us have a general understanding but different books and valuation guides often use slightly different versions and […]

What is your car worth?

One of the more common emails I receive contains the question, “What is my car worth?”. That question is usually followed by a one or two sentence description of the car in very general statements. No photos are ever included. Included in this are the people looking to buy a specific Talladega or Spoiler II […]

What is an Aero Car?

When asked what is an Aero Car, most of us will say it is the 1969 Ford Talladega, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II, Dodge Daytona, Dodge Charger 500 and 1970 Plymouth Superbird. If you answered this way you are WRONG! These are the Aero Cars we love but are they the only ones? Trick Question? This […]

Chris Vick, What Are You Working On?

Chris Vick has been keeping us posted on his build for sometime now. However, his project is now done (I don’t think a project is ever really done!) and he is now beginning to reap the rewards of a job well done. Here is what Chris has to say. Well, the season started ok but […]

Initial Quality Award; Real People

Regardless of your vehicle preferences you should enjoy this.

Dr. Cyclone has been busy in the lab!

Dr. Cyclone, Tom Wilson, has been busy in his body-part recreation lab! He has been a life saver for many a nearly dead 1968/1969 Mercury Cyclone over the past few years. His passion, dedication, skills and equipment have allowed him to re-create many otherwise unobtainable rare Cyclone parts. What started out as a process to […]

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  • King Cobra and Talladega Sold

    King Cobra and Talladega Sold

    Recently we told you about the 1970 Ford King Cobra Prototype and modified 1969 Ford Talladega that would be for sale at Kissimmee Mecum Auction in January of 2019. That time has arrived and both cars sold. Now, for the results.   With the results in, what are your comments on the results? Please leave […]

  • Torino and Fairlane in Top 5 of "Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018"

    Torino and Fairlane in Top 5 of “Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018”

    Fords in the Top 5 Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018. We have debated on this site since its creation the topic of why aren’t the Ford and Mercury cars from 1968/1969 not doing better in the market place. There have been a lot of suggestions as to why this has been. The Chevy and MOPAR […]

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