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1968 GT 500 Driveaway Jacket

  In a previous article we told you a story provided by one of our readers and his personal experiences while attending a 1968 Driveaway Cyclone GT 500 event. That story generated a follow up from another reader, John Drilling. It seems John, like many of us, scans eBay for interesting items for sale. Sometimes […]

1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 Driveaway Program

The following story was submitted by Lee Parks. He was in attendance at the 1968 Atlanta 500. It was one of the new Cyclone Driveaway Promotions. Not only was he there but his dad was a Mercury Dealer! By: Lee Parks, edited by Administrator.   I was there in 1968; I was only 13 at […]

Check out the new Forum

After months of frustration and experimentation we have finally selected a new Forum software and now have it up and operational. You may be seeing it change in minor ways over the next few weeks or months as it gets more use. A couple of the new features I hope you will like are: You […]

Cars For Sale

In the past week I have been contacted by several individuals wanting to sell cars. As you know owners of these cars are usually very reluctant to part with their cars and also are generally concerned about what the buyer’s intentions are. I will not post any names or details about the cars but if […]

2017 Talladega Spoiler Family Reunion: Part 4

This is the fourth and final report on the 2017 Talladega Spoiler Family Reunion. The afternoon of the second day was the final leg of the driving tour. We had a long lunch at a nice little restaurant where the food was great but the service a little slow. As a result we were late […]

How To Trunk Repair; Part 3

Trunk Repair, Part 3 In the first two parts of this How To Trunk Repair article we showed you how Mike Bowers cut up his trunk and installed patch panels from Dr. Cyclone, Tom Wilson to bring a 1969 Talladega trunk back to life. This Part 3 story will guide you through the finish work […]

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  • Dan Gurney (1931-2018)

    Dan Gurney (1931-2018)

    Dan Gurney was a hero of mine. Not because he was arguably the best all around racer of all time but because he was a great guy. When I heard the news of his passing Katrina and I were both shocked and saddened. We immediately reminisced about our encounters with him. I think all of […]

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