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2019 and 2020 Reunion Events

  The 50th Anniversary of the Aero Cars has been going on all year but, as you know, the big celebration will be in October at the Tim Wellborn Museum and at the Talladega Super Speedway. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend the 2019 event due to the limited number of cars permitted […]

All Ford Show @Woodward Dream Cruise

Mike Callahan not only took in the Woodward Dream Cruise but also the All Ford Show on Sunday. Mike admits to not getting as many good photos of cars at Woodward due to the constant movement of cars and traffic. He was either driving or the cars were always moving that he wanted to take […]

Woodward Avenue; Part 2

This is our second part of a report from Mike Callahan and his “Bonneville” Spoiler II at the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise. Saturday on Woodward is the big and last day. By 8 am thousands of people are already setting up their canopies and chairs and the cruising begins. As most of you likely know, […]

Woodward Dream Cruise; Report

Team Member “Bonneville” Mike Callahan is at it again. This time he has taken his modified Spoiler II to the Woodward Dream Cruise. As usual, Mike has sent us a report on his activities and a glimpse inside the event. His pictures are always a treasure. Here are his edited comments from Friday. It is […]

Join the MCACN Aero Car Display

By now there should be no one who doesn’t know this is the 50th Anniversary of the Aero Car Wars. Likewise, if you don’t know what the MCACN (Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals) are you haven’t been paying close enough attention to the car hobby. In November of 2019 these two events will come together […]

Wood Brothers #21 Paul Menard Mustang; See it, hear it!

We recently had the opportunity to see the Paul Menard Mustang NASCAR race car owned by the Wood Brothers. This was at our local Ford Dealer, Murfreesboro Ford, in Murfreesboro TN. They are the number 1 Ford Dealer in TN and sell some very high performance Mustangs including Shelby, Saleen and Roush! Although NASCAR now […]

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  • Cam Crawford's Right Hand Drive Race Car

    Cam Crawford’s Right Hand Drive Race Car

    For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting our Kiwi Team Members you have been missing out. They are a group of hard core Ford/Mercury Aero cars guys who regularly visit the US during their “Down Under” New Zealand winter which just happens to be our summer. They have attended the […]

  • Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 3 Conclusion

    Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 3 Conclusion

    This three part series was originally published by Vortec Comics back in the 90’s. NASCAR was growing and learning about some of the drivers was important to build a diverse fan base. Arguably, these comics were also another way to bring younger fans into the fold. The facts contained in them are accurate is not […]

  • Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 2

    Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 2

    This is the second of three parts on the Morgan Shepherd Comic by Vortec. Morgan was one of the Wood Brothers race drivers. The story in this comic covers his early years of racing about how he built his way up to the Wood Brothers. Double click on any image to enlarge it, double click […]

  • Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 1

    Morgan Shepherd Comic; Part 1

    The Wood Brothers have had a prestigious list of race drivers in their cars over the years. Although Morgan Shepherd never drove one of our Aero Cars he was never the less one of the Wood Brothers racing family. In the 1990’s Vortex Comics did a series of comic books on NASCAR drivers of the […]

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