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Marty Burke Console Pad Reproduction

  I think most of us are familiar with Marty Burke’s skills, judging abilities and even his helpful personality. He is truly devoted to the 68/69 Fairlane/Talladega and Cyclone cars. He demonstrates it repeatedly with his actions and informational comments on this site. He is always the perfect gentleman in his discussions with beginners and […]

Another FCA Contender

Another FCA (Fairlane Club of America) contender for show hardware is completed by one of our Team Members. Here are some photos of Rob Hunt’s 1969 Cobra. Word is that he will soon be working on the restoration of a very low mileage blue Ford Talladega! You can click on any image and then click […]

Montego fender for your Cyclone?

Finding a good rear quarter panel for your rusted or damaged 68/69 Cyclone can be a bit of a challenge. Why not replace it with one from the Montego? At a quick glance they appear very similar. Most likely a little massaging should make them work, right? Nope! Last November Michael Johnson spent a week […]

Update on Jim Ozinga Talladega Restoration

We have posted some photos in the past of Jim Ozinga’s restoration of detail parts. Now it’s time to see some hints of what the entire car is going to look like when completed. Jim sent in these photos of the latest work on the Talladega.  All that’s left are the tailpipes, front seat upholstery, […]

Talladega Restoration Tips

Today marks a major change in the Talladega Spoiler Registry. Since the beginning of this site it has been extremely difficult to find technical information that is posted on the site or in our Forum. Recently we completely redid the Forum with new software and more user friendly procedures. Today we posted a new set […]

1968 GT 500 Driveaway Jacket

  In a previous article we told you a story provided by one of our readers and his personal experiences while attending a 1968 Driveaway Cyclone GT 500 event. That story generated a follow up from another reader, John Drilling. It seems John, like many of us, scans eBay for interesting items for sale. Sometimes […]

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  • 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 Driveaway Program

    1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 Driveaway Program

    The following story was submitted by Lee Parks. He was in attendance at the 1968 Atlanta 500. It was one of the new Cyclone Driveaway Promotions. Not only was he there but his dad was a Mercury Dealer! By: Lee Parks, edited by Administrator.   I was there in 1968; I was only 13 at […]

  • Check out the new Forum

    Check out the new Forum

    After months of frustration and experimentation we have finally selected a new Forum software and now have it up and operational. You may be seeing it change in minor ways over the next few weeks or months as it gets more use. A couple of the new features I hope you will like are: You […]

  • Cars For Sale

    Cars For Sale

    In the past week I have been contacted by several individuals wanting to sell cars. As you know owners of these cars are usually very reluctant to part with their cars and also are generally concerned about what the buyer’s intentions are. I will not post any names or details about the cars but if […]

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