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Initial Quality Award; Real People

Regardless of your vehicle preferences you should enjoy this.

Dr. Cyclone has been busy in the lab!

Dr. Cyclone, Tom Wilson, has been busy in his body-part recreation lab! He has been a life saver for many a nearly dead 1968/1969 Mercury Cyclone over the past few years. His passion, dedication, skills and equipment have allowed him to re-create many otherwise unobtainable rare Cyclone parts. What started out as a process to […]

King Cobra and Talladega Sold

Recently we told you about the 1970 Ford King Cobra Prototype and modified 1969 Ford Talladega that would be for sale at Kissimmee Mecum Auction in January of 2019. That time has arrived and both cars sold. Now, for the results.   With the results in, what are your comments on the results? Please leave […]

What Are You Working On/ Tom Bailey

SEMA Talladega These, “What Are You Working On?”, articles are some of my favorite posts. It is interesting to see what else is in your garages. I also like to see if Concours cars are underway, road warriors being built or some wild thing that makes us all go crazy. This time around it is […]

Wellborn 50th Anniversary Aero Car Reunion Invitations Available

Notice: Two days ago we sent out to our Team Members in good standing (dues paid) a link to the invitation request to the Wellborn Talladega 50th Anniversary Aero Car Reunion. All of our Team Members got a two day heads up lead on Registering and getting hotels. It pays to be a Team Member! […]

Torino and Fairlane in Top 5 of “Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018”

Fords in the Top 5 Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018. We have debated on this site since its creation the topic of why aren’t the Ford and Mercury cars from 1968/1969 not doing better in the market place. There have been a lot of suggestions as to why this has been. The Chevy and MOPAR […]

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  • Are You a Car Guy or Car Gal?

    Are You a Car Guy or Car Gal?

    If you are a Car Guy or Car Gal (you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t) then you will see yourself in this video at some point. This is vintage, just like our cars. When I saw this I felt like it was my life story! At some point in my life I think […]

  • What Are You Working ON? Frank Durso

    What Are You Working ON? Frank Durso

    If you follow this site regularly you have heard of Frank Durso before. He must have a four leaf clover embedded in his hip. He has a real knack for finding and acquiring some very desirable and rare stuff. It all started when he located a rough Talladega and went wild from there. He came […]

  • Talladega and King Cobra For Sale

    Talladega and King Cobra For Sale

    Next year in early January at the Kissimmee Mecum Auction there will be two very interesting Family cars for sale. The first is one that previously sold at a Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction in 2014 for $110,000 plus fees . I is item #59 in our Cars For Sale and Sold page. The second is a […]

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