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50th Anniversary Photos

Several weeks ago I asked for reader contributions of photos and stories about cars from the 1969 time period. The response has been totally absent of any contributions. I can’t be the .only one with old photos and stories. I am putting up a couple of photos from my archives in hope they will stimulate […]

Belated Happy Birthday

The following was submitted by the owner, Mike Callahan. You may recognize the car if you are a regular here. I was born March 14th 1969 in Loran Ohio and named Dan after a great racing legend. My first, of many, cross country trips came early as I was transported to Downey California. I spent […]

Going to the 50th Anniversary? Check this out!

  The Talladega Super Speedway is making drastic changes to the infield. Check this out if you are going to the 50th Anniversary in October.

Need a Talladega Transmission?

As long as this site has been up I have never had this happen before. I am always thrilled when a car is Registered that was not previously on the site. However, today I received an email containing the Registration for a Talladega, wait for it, TRANSMISSION! I wish I could say the car was […]

Wellborn Aero Car 50th Anniversary Update

As of today the acceptance emails went out to those who have submitted an application for the Tim Wellborn Aero Car Anniversary at Talladega. If you received yours then complete the Registration process per the email link and password. If you have not yet applied or did not get an acceptance email you should contact […]

Be A Team Member

Much of the information on this site is available to the general public in an attempt to further educate everyone about the ultra rare and fascinating Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Spoiler II cars. It is out intent to continue to do this a long as we can. However, car Registrations and some […]

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  • Buy That Cyclone NOW!

    Buy That Cyclone NOW!

    We reported to you recently what Hagerty Insurance/Car Valuation Tools had to say about the prices of the 1968/1971 Ford Torino and Talladega. Now, the evidence is in that the 1968/1971 Mercury Cyclones are the newest hot ticket. The heat for the Torino/Talladega has spread to its siblings. We have been saying for years that one […]

  • What do the number Condition ratings mean?

    What do the number Condition ratings mean?

    We often mention cars in #1 condition or #2 condition. In our Registration forms and on our Cars for Sale and Sold Prices page we always use these ratings. So what do they mean? I assume most of us have a general understanding but different books and valuation guides often use slightly different versions and […]

  • What is your car worth?

    What is your car worth?

    One of the more common emails I receive contains the question, “What is my car worth?”. That question is usually followed by a one or two sentence description of the car in very general statements. No photos are ever included. Included in this are the people looking to buy a specific Talladega or Spoiler II […]

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