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Bobby Unser and Ford go to Pikes Peak

Back in 1969 you think of Ford and David Pearson winning the NASCAR Championship. That is only natural but did you know that the 1969 Ford Torino also set a record at Pikes Peak with Bobby Unser at the wheel? The video below is from an interview at the 2016 Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals […]

1969 Ford Talladega, an Introduction

1969 Ford Talladega; How and Why was it Built? Unlike today, in 1969 NASCAR raced Stock Cars; race cars built from cars straight off the show room floor! The Daytona 500 in 1969 was the beginning of the AERO WARS on the new NASCAR Super Speedways.  This automotive war resulted in the Ford Talladega, Mercury […]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2019; Day 5

Mike has been on the road with his 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II for 5 days of the tour plus the trip to the beginning of the Tour in Charlotte. Although there are two more days in the Tour this is Mike’s last day and last report. I what to thank Mike for his dedication […]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2019; Day 4

Mike Callahan has a little extra comment on Day 4. I asked him about the rumor of stolen cars on the first night and he had the following comment. All the Power Tourers are talking about the stolen cars. The latest is that 5 were stolen and one was recovered. At night when every one […]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2019; Day 3

The Hot Rod Power Tour continues into Day 3 and visits the Bristol Speedway! Mike Callahan is still having a good time and meeting some great friends on the road. He also confirmed that there were a number of cars stolen in Charlotte on the night before Day 1. He gave no details but from […]

Hot Rod Power Tour; Day 2

The Tour continues and Mike Callahan and his Spoiler II continue to attract attention and represent the Blue Oval Aero cars. Thanks for the update Mike. Day 2. Today we drove from Concord NC to Martinsville VA. Saturday at Z-max we were lucky that it didn’t rain but today it did rain for the first […]

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  • Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 Day 1

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 Day 1

    As promised Mike Callahan and his Spoiler II are on the road today in the Hot Rod Power Tour and reporting in. Already he has found another Ford Aero Car! Check out the photo. Today’s report is in two parts. From the photos it appears that he is still suffering from the rain that is […]

  • Hot Rod Power Tour: Day 0

    Hot Rod Power Tour: Day 0

    Today we starting a day by day report from the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour. No, Katrina and I are not there but Michael Callahan, Mr. Bonneville, is and he is going to be providing photos and daily updates on his newest adventure. Today is the day before with everything kicking off tomorrow. Mike has no […]

  • Ford and Shelby go to War with Ferrari

    Ford and Shelby go to War with Ferrari

    Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby go to war with Ferrari and everyone else as far as that goes! Le Mans was the goal and Shelby was the man and the GT40 was the tool. Let’s all go to the movies on November 15th!

  • Finding a Spoiler II

    Finding a Spoiler II

    The following story is from a regular contributor, Chris Vick. It has been slightly edited by the editor but remains his story.   I wasn’t looking for a car when the Cale car I bought came to my attention. A little background on me first. I am 60 years old and  a Ford guy my […]

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