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  1. Tony Logsdon says:

    I have just had a 70 mach 1 restored and i want to trade for a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. My first Car as a 17year old in 1977 was a Red/White Cyclone. If you know of anyone interested please let my know and i can send pic’s of the mustang.
    Thanks Tony Logsdon

  2. William simpson says:

    How do I send you pictures of my cars

  3. Allen Veeder says:

    Thank you for helping me to know that my 69 Cyclone is a “Color Code ” car, not a Spoiler. I’d never been to your website before and , despite owning the car for a dozen years, had never heard the term ” Color Code”. Now it’s like “Of course” things are starting to make sense. They told me the color code missing from the door tag was significant. I got part of a Elite Marti Report back yesterday and it stated my car is a GT, something I didn’t t state in my registration. You might want to add it. I’ve heard it say GT’s weren’t produced in 69 and it might be important. It is such a thrill to see others so fired up on this site, as I am, it gives me a whole new perspective on the Cyclone. I collect old Fords and have many fine examples. One other thing, I stated in my registration that it was ok to make my address known. On second thought could you keep that between us? Thanks for this website, Allen

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