Richard & Katrina Fleener: Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurnery 428 SCJ Drag Pack

This is one rare Project Car. Richard and Katrina are only the second owners on this car excluding Ford. It is an original 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 428 CJ Ram Air Drag Pack Dan Gurney Special. We are still tracing the history of this car but we do know it was a special order Home Office Reserve for the L-M Eastern Region Sales Office .
We also know it did a lot of drag racing in the New Jersey area. We have time slips and decals from the Island Dragway and Raceway Park in English Town, NJ. If you remember this car or have any information on its history we would love to know it. Contact

There will be a lot more to come on this car. Our first task is to do a detailed initial inspection which we will record on this web site. After that will come the initial clean up and then the decision on how far to go with the restoration and the list of what we need.

If you remember this car up in the NE at drag races please let us know. Photos would be beyond our hopes!

This car is a 428 SCJ 4-speed Drag Pack with black bucket seats and console. We already know we are going to keep the original interior. It is in great shape only needing carpet and headliner (thanks to one pesky little mouse who gnawed a small hole right behind a sun visor. We are also in the process of locating part for the car. We are still in need of a NOS or great grill for the passenger side of the car, wheel well trim for the rear driver side, rear spoiler, shifter and linkage for a 4-Speed and some other items. If you have any of these please contact us!

Keep checking back there is a lot more to know about this car; its history and its future.

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  1. ROB HUNT says:

    Hello Richard and Katrina. I really believe your W code Gurney 4sp car is absolutely tithe pinacle of 69 Cyclones. The drive train teamed with the Girner body and its option list of 428SCJ 4spd and 4:30 super track pack make truly long of the hill. If you ever decide to sell it please call me. Marilyn hope to see you very soon.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks Rob, I humbly agree. We looked for approximately 5 years for any Gurney Big Block and it was through a good friend, Lou Whitfield, that we were able to locate this car. It turned out to be far more than we ever hoped for. Five of these 4-speed SCJ Gurneys were ever built. I do not know how many hat the 430 gears or if nay others were sold to the Regional Sales Office. It is our dream to do a concourse restoration on the car before taking it on the show tour but we may need to liquidate one or two of our other cars to make this happen. Thanks again for your comments they mean a lot coming from a quality Cyclone fan like yourself.

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