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After the Pilot cars came the real Production cars. These are the real cars built on the production line and destined for the regular consumers to purchase. We have the complete list of VIN only for the Talladega. As for the Spoiler, Spoiler II, Color Code Car and GT 500 we have no available list of the first or last cars built. We know that all of the Talladega Family of cars were built in batches buyt outside of the Talladega no good records have yet been located regarding the additional information on the other cars.

1969 Ford Talladega:

1.  First regular production line VIN: 9A46Q186566 / White / Restored, owned by Richard and Katrina Fleener, TN. To read more about the First Production Talladega, Click Here.

2.  Last regular production line VIN: 9A46Q207117 / Maroon / Restored, owned by James Myers, TX. To read more about the Last Production Talladega, Click Here.

3.  There were 750 production Talladegas built.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler:

1.  We do not have information regarding the first or last cars built. We do know production started after Janu

ary 1969 and continued until through the end of production in July.

2.  There were 352 Dan Gurney Spoilers produced and 617 Cale Yarborough cars built. Total production of Spoilers was 969.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II:

1. We do not have information regarding the first or last cars built. We do know that production started after that of the Spoiler and is believed to have started after February 1 and stopped prior to March 31, 1969.

2. There were 218 Dan Gurney Spoiler IIs produced and 285 Cale Yarborough Spoiler IIs built. The total production of Spoiler II is 503.

3.  It is believed that all Spoiler II were built the same with the exception of two cars. One Gurney and one Yarborough Spoiler II were built as heater delete cars. The Gurney car has been located but the Yarborough car is still missing.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Color Code Cars:

1.  We do not have information regarding the first or last cars built. We believe production started as an option soon after production began on the 1969 Cyclone and most likely stopped just prior to the production of the Spoiler.

2.  The Marti Report states that 1,999 cars were built with the MT paint code (Yarborough). Subtracting the Yarborough Spoilers and Spoiler IIs would leave 1097 Red/White Color Code cars.

3.  The Marti Report states that 1,999 cars were built with the MX (Gurney) paint code. Subtracting the Gurney Spoilers and Spoiler IIs would leave 1,429 Blue/White Color Code cars.

1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 Cars:

1.  We do not have information regarding the first or last cars built. We do not know how many cars were built not what colors were available.

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  1. Miguel Grande says:

    In 1971 at the age of 17,I had a dream job as a lot boy at a Buick/Olds dealership. I got to drive many muscle cars from that era. Buick GS’s, Olds 442’s and many trade ins. I couldn’t afford anything for myself but the love affair had begun.

    One day my boss told me to move an ugly Ford Torino that was driven the wrong way into our service center. I say ugly because it was a non-descript dark blue car and it had a black bench seat.

    I was amused that it had a 4 speed stick. When I started it up I was taken back a little by the sound of the engine but it was indoors. I let out the clutch and the rear tires screamed in protest.

    I stepped back on the clutch and glanced at my boss, the service manager, he wasn’t pleased. Every employee, from the part’s department to the lube rack and all the customers had now stopped what they were doing and watched.

    I lowered the RPM’s a little and feathered out the clutch,another burnout with a little slide to the side this time. The concrete floor was slick and did not have the best traction. This time I started in 2nd gear and bucked that wild bronco outside the garage. Much to the amusement of my fellow employees.

    Outside, I checked out was under the hood, a 428 Cobra Jet engine. I was very impressed. There was little to no markings on the car except for a little cartoon emblem on the rear depicting a cobra.

    I’ve been haunted by that brief encounter ever since. This year, I watched a TV show on the history of muscle cars and was surprised to find that car featured in a segment. A 1969 Ford Talladega,I never even knew what it was.

    Now, I’m obsessed. I have to have one.

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