• 1969 Ford Torino Owners’ Manual: This is a reproduction but is an excellent copy. The advantage of this reproduction over and original is obvious over its condition, it is blank so you can put your car’s appropriate information on the maintenance schedule. The cost is $10.00 plus shipping.TorinoOwnerMan (Small)

  • 1969 Talladega Sales Brochure: This is also a reproduction of the original sales brochure that was sent to Ford dealers. It is 4 pages long and it lists the Talladega’s Specifications and Standard Features. This is a must have for you glove box or document book. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.TBrochure (Small)

3. Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Sports Special (Spoiler II) Sales Brochure: This is a copy of the two page dealer sales brochure that tells you all you needed to know about ordering your Spoiler II. However, it never calls it a Spoiler II; it is a Spoiler Sports Special. Should we be calling it a Spoiler SS? The cost of this document that is a must for your glove box or document book. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

If you order more than one item shipping will not be charged for each item, actual cost will be calculated.

If you are a Team Member in good standing (dues paid), tell us with your order and we will ship for free!

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